Winter League is established by Eleven Group in Belek / Antalya as Football event. The aim is to organize the preperation matches more competitive  and professional.

In first year of Winter League there were 7 countries, 7 football teams and 7 matches. In 2015 first year of Winter League was finalized with the championship of Sturm Graz from Austria.

There was a rapid development In second year of Winter League and the number of country reached up to 11, number of teams up to 12 and number of matches up to 10 by the host of Eleven Group in Belek. NK Maribor became the champion that year 2016.

In the same time Winter League provides live stream and broadcasting possibilities for the teams to reach their funs all over the World.


  • 12-16 Teams from more than  10 Countries
  • League Format
  • Each Team Plays 1 or 2 Matches
  • 12-16 Matches
  • 1 or 2 Teams From Each Country
  • UEFA Approved Tournament
  • FIFA Match Rules
  • Official TFF Referees
  • 3 Points for Win / 1 Point for Draw & 1 Point more for Each Goal Scored. Teams, which is playing just one Match will start the League with +2 points
  • FIFA Rankings in Equality
  • 30.000€ Prize
  • Two Months of Event Duration